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It's been around two decades now since I set on this journey in the education field as a mentor, educator and it had always been my long cherished dream to provide a springboard to the students of our region in the form of a right institute so that they can catapult themselves to dizzy heights in their academics and realize their dreams of getting into the eteemed and coveted professions like engineers and doctors.

And this long cherished dream got realized in the form of Inspire in 2014. And in just five years, we've been able to make our presence strongly felt in the region as an absolute leader in the IIT and Medical entrance Training. A Year after year, we at Inspire are coming up with far more exciting results at par with the best coaching institutes in the country.

The first batch came out in 2016 and in the very first result, four students were able to get into MBBS, two students into NIT, one into IIT & 17 students got admitted in the prestigious engineering institutes in the country. And here on, the journey of academic excellence continued unabated (relentlessly).

The second result of 2017 was equally fascinating by putting 5 students into MBBS and two students into Prestigious IITs. The juggernaut of excellence gushed forth towards 2018 and 2019 results as well by placing altogether 2 students into IITs, 5 into MBBS, 4 students into IISER and 37 students got admitted in the prestigious engineering insitutes in the country. today, Inspire stands tall having emerged as an undisputed leader in IIT and Medical Entrance Training Programme.

With the sky high ideals and the commitment to excellence, we welcome you here at inspire to help you achieve yours child's dream of becoming the most celebrated and coveted professional with the help of Midas touch at Inspire.